Wrekin Windows invests in exciting cutting edge technology

Published: 3rd November 2016



Staff at Wrekin Windows have been enjoying the benefits of the latest cutting edge technology, thanks to recent investment in brand new machinery. The Schirmer BAZ Cutting & Machining Centre has been designed for the precise machining of profile bars made from PVC, aluminium, steel, wood/aluminium, composites and a range of other materials.
This new machinery replaces an old and outdated machine that had become extremely unreliable and inaccurate. This £400,000 investment is considered to be money well spent as it provides a host of useful features that provide superior results and a much faster cutting process. Machining is carried out as part of a continuous feed-through process in which transport tongs equipped with highly dynamic magnetic linear motors are used to move the profile bars around extremely quickly at a rate of 150 to 200 per minute.

shot23The automatic in-feed magazine is usually fitted with 12 places, allowing material to be continuously supplied to the machine, which has been designed to handle profile bars of up to approx. 6,500 mm in length. Both the feeding and the speeds can be easily controlled to match specific materials.

The machine not only offers a faster and more economical cutting process, but also aligns with Epwin’s commitment towards environmental sustainability, as the machine’s impact on the environment is a considerable improvement on the previous model, due to the lack of waste produced in the process.

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